Why the need for the Proud Jags?

It’s simple. Homophobia still exists in football.

Earlier in 2017 a Hibs fan was charged over his behaviour at a game against Dundee.

At Dunfermline, a player from the visiting team was on the receiving end of prolonged homophobic chanting. The chairman of the club rightly addressed this in a letter to fans about acceptable conduct.

At Thistle we are not immune. It might be rare, but on the terraces there are sporadic homophobic chants and outbursts.

With this in mind – as part of a wider move across Scotland, the U.K. and Europe – fans have been setting up LGBT+ Supporters Groups.

The Scottish LGBT Sports Charter was developed in consultation with sports governing bodies (SGBs), other sports stakeholders and LGBT+ people.

The charter has five principles for those delivering sport in Scotland to sign up to.

  1. Take steps to actively involve LGBT people in sport and visibly support LGBT inclusion and equality.
  2. Challenge homophobic and transphobic behaviour and ensure a positive and welcoming sporting environment for LGBT participants.
  3. Develop policies and practices that are inclusive, informed by a better understanding of the issues and barriers for LGBT people and by taking advantage of training.
  4. Work to further include trans people in sport by understanding the differing needs for trans participants and begin to reduce the barriers which prevent trans people from taking part in sport in their acquired gender.
  5. Strive to make continuous improvements to greater include LGBT people in Scottish sport.

These may seem like quite daunting principles, but we believe it is a journey that needs to be taken, as it was done with racism in football. In tackling these issues it will hopefully lead to a more inviting and inclusive place for all people to support Partick Thistle F.C. and hopefully encourage more fans through the turnstiles.


The Charter’s five principles neatly dovetail with a very practical document produced by “Pride in Football”. This is very much the road map we are using to launch the Proud Jags on December 2nd 2017. We will use it as a working tool that can be adapted for our own requirements here at Firhill to enable a safe and inclusive environment.


This page last updated 03-12-2017